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ManageWP.org is a non-profit, community-driven website dedicated to discovering all things WordPress. Our goal is to capture the pulse of the WordPress community by discovering best new stories every day. 

The site launched in October 2013, and its membership consists of prominent community leaders, well known developers as well as editors of all the top WordPress blogs out there. 
The goal of ManageWP.org is to enable people to freely share and vote on stories about all things related to WordPress and the WordPress community. We are especially proud to have helped many less known publishers that produce exceptional stories, and ManageWP.org hopes to continue to give this content an avenue to the entire community.

ManageWP.org is built with cutting edge tech including author ranking algorithm that takes inspiration from Reddit and Google's PageRank - we really hope to change the way WordPress news from high quality publishers are distributed.

Remember one thing. You are the reason this site exists, and it is solely based on the trust we have for our WordPress peers.

The website is created and maintained by ManageWP, as our way of giving back to the WordPress Foundation and Community.

Registration, Voting & Sharing

You can freely register for a ManageWP.org account if you have a Twitter, Facebook or Google account (we require this to reduce spam account creation). Once you've registered, you can easily vote and discuss content on ManageWP.org. Once you get enough points you will be able to submit for posting guidelines.

You agree to abide by our quality guidelines — we want ManageWP.org to be a fun, safe, constructive, and enjoyable experience for everyone — otherwise we will take action to resolve any issues (including removing content you have posted and/or deleting your account if necessary).

Please ensure that the content you post to ManageWP.org has relevance to the WordPress community. And please flag any content you feel that does not have relevance to WordPress or does not abide by our guidelines.

Author Karma and Article Ranking

ManageWP.org uses an advanced iterative algorithm similar in nature to Google's Pagerank. This will determine the ranking of all stories as well as author "karma".

The backbone of the system is the author vote strength. You get "points" each time a story that you upvoted (or shared) is upvoted by another user after you. This encourages users to share and upvote the best stories, that others are also likely to upvote. If articles you submit/upvote do not get further upvotes, you basically dilute the strength of your future votes (so do not submit or upvote poor content).

Home page content is determined based on upvotes and the time decay factor (newer articles have advantage over the older).

For even more information, please check this ManageWP.org algorithm discussion.

Special Thanks To

Inbound.org, Zite and Upworthy for inspiration.

Symfony2 and AngularJS for being great development technologies.

Chris Burgess for saving the ManageWP.org domain name.


If you ever have any questions, comments, suggestions, notice any bugs that need squashing, or just want to say "Hi," feel free to contact hi@managewp.org.