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Introducing Twenty Sixteen

make.wordpress.org | Aug. 25, 2015 | 3 min read

Twenty Sixteen is here, what do folks think, as always with default themes opinion seems mixed. I quite like it.

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Ahmad Awais

Tim, you beat me to posting this by 2 mins.

Donna Cavalier

I hate it. Unless of course, the goal is to help insomniacs sleep, then ok, it's great. I'm frustrated at the lack of creativity displayed by each and every default theme. Blech. Might as well just go back to Kubrick.

Vladimir Prelovac

From a design standpoint it is a 'meh'. The reason it is a 'meh' is that it targets no one use specifically. WordPress should start thinking about starting to include several starter themes that would cater to very diverse WordPress use cases nowadays.

Tom Harrigan

Reminds me a lot of Hustle by WooThemes demo2.woothemes.com/hustle/blog/

Was reading an article yesterday (source is slipping my mind now) about how many of the default themes have been designed by Automatticians and that the selection process is a bit murky. Wouldn't mind if that's considered as a factor in the future to diversify things a bit.

At the end of the day, I don't care what it looks like, the design itself doesn't mean anything to me, what's important is that it's built to be a showcase of how to utilize core features and the correct way of doing so to serve as a blueprint for other developers on their projects.

Tim Nash

Post status newsletter?

Tom Harrigan

Yes! Thank you :)