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Kanban for WordPress

wordpress.org | Oct. 14, 2015 | 2 min read

A project & task management plugin was just released by a Corey Maass. What do you think about this one? Does this plugin stand a chance when compared with Trello?

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Tom Harrigan

This is super neat. I was hosting a Meetup last week and a person specifically asked me if something like this existed. I just messaged her with the link and I'm sure she'll be thrilled.

It's a great idea and I'm excited to check it out. Are the column labels customizable? I saw the status labels in the settings screenshot, wasn't sure if they're static labels or are being generated based on admin input.

Part of the reason this person wanted a WP solution was for the ownership of data, as opposed to Trello owning the content.

Having it in WP, the democratizer of publishing, makes a load of sense, and the ability to deeply integrate it into a businesses site experience and existing technologies is a winner in my book.

Eric Daams

Looks really cool. Like Tom, I'd want to be able to customize the labels. Without that, it's really a bit too focused on Kanban vs. the more open-ended nature of Trello.

Ahmad Awais

@Tom Those are all good points. I hope this project grows into something we all want to use.
@eric I completely agree with you.

Andy McIlwain

Love this idea. I think it's particularly strong for cases where WordPress is being used as an intranet or project hub. (Otherwise I'd look at standalone software like Kanboard.)