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You can now license your WordPress plugin/theme with Creative Commons

make.wordpress.org | Nov. 7, 2015 | 4 min read

It's encouraging to see the Core team continually keeping track of the Open Source space in general and implementing very developer-friendly updates like this. Will be interesting to see how this opens up new possibilities for WordPress. Does anyone know of really good libraries that are Creative Commons that were formerly always restricted from the Repo?

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Tim Nash

Just a quick note, I believe your theme/plugin is still expected to be licensed GPL within the w.org repo its just that libraries within it, can now use certain CC licenses and very specific ones at that. A bit of a deceptive title.

Basically this was already possible the moment CC amended them, the announcement is just a bit of smoke :)

Robby McCullough

Thanks for the clarifications, Tim. I had the same thoughts after reading the article.. the title is a bit misleading.