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WordPress is not easy

mattreport.com | Feb. 17, 2016 | 6 min read

Have we stopped building for the general user? I'm a mentor at a startup accelerator and I've come to realize that WordPress isn't the solution for people just starting out, even though it should be.

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Vladimir Prelovac

James noticed well in his AMA that things in the future are going well for the hosted wp.com and not so shiny and bright for the self-hosted wp.org, unless we do something about it.

Mark Gavalda

Can you elaborate? On both why it doesn't have a bright future (in your opinion, I can (and will, right now) read James's AMA answer) and why it seems to have one when it's wp.com? Thanks.

Vladimir Prelovac

It is a matter of convenience. In the era of simplification, people are more likely to use things that are simpler. And WordPress self hosted blog is not the simplest thing in the world. Matt outlines this well:

"First, there’s the major hurdle of web hosting:

What is web hosting?
Where do I get it?
Who is the best?
How much does it cost?
Who supports me? ..."

And this is just the start of it, Matt covered much more.

This is the reason platforms like Squarespace, even Medium, are seeing significant rise.

WP.com basically provides a supported, instant, high performance website and with Calypso you gain mobility and control. The whole concept of course needs to develop further, but at this point I am like James much more bullish on wp.com.