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SCAM ALERT: How HostGator Attempted To Extort >$200 Out of Me for SiteLock

hermesthemes.com | Feb. 25, 2016 | 9 min read

Interesting story. Sounds like something someone should actually dig in and test, undercover of course. Sounds like some lawsuits might be in line. EIG takedown, anyone?

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Dave Warfel

So glad you shared this, Donna. The article is well-written & documented, and brings light to something that the community definitely needs to know about. Especially after the whole A Small Orange stuff that went down months ago, I don't see how anyone could recommend an EIG host at this point.

I'm curious... does anyone have really nice things to say about HostGator, or another EIG company? I've read about a ton of negative, but sometimes there are two sides a story.

Donna Cavalier

EIG is a cancer on hosts. There is nothing good about using an EIG company. Sure, some people may not notice the underlying growth, but it is there. Shame...some of those were once very good...before being invaded by EIG.

Nathan Ello

This same thing just happened to me Donna. What a shame that they're doing this.

Jeff April Brigman

After reading this article, I decided to google EIG. I had no idea who they were or that they had such a far reach until I read this article: researchasahobby.com/full-list-eig-hosting-companies-brands/

I recently had a pretty big issue with Bluehost and after finding out they are another EIG company, it explains a few things. I won't go into specifics, but they pretty much held my site hostage and then wanted me to pay them to "help" me migrate it to a new host.