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Who is the WordPress REST API really serving?

mattgeri.com | Feb. 29, 2016 | 8 min read

The challenges of the WP REST API and the team's behind it and who is it really for? Developers and businesses, argues Matt Geri.

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Omaar Osmaan

REST API w/ iterative approach will benefits few cases (aggregating data and such)- w/ full WP-Admin parity it'll serve every different purposes. If I to make something with the API (per a few ideas), have to wait for full parity- but a many others may not. Difficult choice to make-

The reason I vouched for Matt (Mullenweg, which also the point of this article) is that, I think there will be a many critical decisions to make, and few things will challenge the API design- until it done full-parity in some manner. It might break current implementation in the future- but that's something I'm not sure about either. :)