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Some predictions for 2017.

Feb. 2, 2017

2017 is going to be a big year for "WordPress consultants." The average website owner, well, maybe not so much...

Sweeping changes will be driven by Google, as they work to drive down the relevance of sites not set to HTTPS. Website owners with a public login page or who accept credit cards "without an SSL connection" will lose all credibility within Google search by the end of 2017.

Along the same lines, less diversified SSL certificate providers will be driving out of business by years end, as services providing free-SSL-for-all will become the new standard. It's really hard to compete with free...

For web hosts, the more savvy and flexible hosts will offer SSL free to all clients, accepting the loss of revenue, while using free SSL as part of their sales pitch to bring in new clients. The less flexible hosts will try to hang on to their old ways of doing business and pay the price as customer flock to hosts providing free SSL options and SSL related customer service.

And then there is the security side of things to worry about. As more businesses rely on social media to spur business growth, the same social media outlets will see increasing downtime and hits to their credibility as denial of service attacks cause massive outages and network disruption.

Small businesses will be greatly affected by affiliated outages, causing a rethink in how they promote their products and services online. Those social media outlets and platforms who manage the weather the DDOS storms coming in 2017 will become the leaders in social media for the foreseeable future. Those who fail in handling the attacks will find themselves relegated to the Myspace corner of the Internet.

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