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WordPress SEO Checklist - 45 Tips for 2017

kinsta.com | Mar. 6, 2017 | 48 min read

An extensive checklist of ways you can improve the SEO on your WordPress site in 2017. Chances are that you aren't doing some of these things yet.

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Tom Zsomborgi

Thanks for sharing it John glad you like it! We put a lot of work into this mega guide :)

Sallie Goetsch (rhymes with 'sketch')

The tips all seem pretty solid, though most are not new for 2017 and a lot of them amount to a how-to-use-Yoast tutorial. The problem with lists that are so comprehensive, though, is that they are overwhelming, and people won't necessarily read through all of them. It might be better to group the tips and create a series of slightly shorter lists, e.g. put all the analytics and webmaster tools items in one post, all the links (internal, external, backlinks, nofollow, affiliate) items into another post, all the keyword info (research, focus keywords, meta keywords) in a third post, and so on.

Also, frankly, I'd leave image title tags out of an SEO post, since they have no value for SEO, and they are actually a negative for accessibility. (And incidentally, opening links in new tabs is TERRIBLE for accessibility. Unless you can prove it has a positive effect on your SEO, I'd take that recommendation out.)

Deepak Kori

From the article title, I thought there are some new tips discovered and added for 2017. But it's a nice list for people starting from zero. They can follow the points one by one and implement it on their website.