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Smashing Magazine is ditching WordPress

next.smashingmagazine.com | Mar. 17, 2017 | 1 min read

After many years on WP it looks like the "Next Smashing Magazine" will be run by a different platform, actually a mix of different platforms!

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Vladimir Prelovac

Didn't know about Netifly. Seems they are ditching a complex setup in favor of even more complex one. Or is this a new world?

Rod Austin

... and creating a printed magazine, to balance with some old world publishing. Odd.

Brian Jackson

Lol, that is also the part I found the most odd... print?

Luis Godinho

It seems very odd to switch just to improve the TTFB or some other performance aspect... This decision has probably other "hidden" drivers and for sure not related with the WordPress (the platform).

Ahmad Awais

I respect their decision, but they are making things complex for themselves and their readers. The design is pretty confusing and odly old, and Netifly and their whole setup seems pretty trivial. I hope it works out for them.

Ricardo Prieto

Yes, a strange movement, but if it works for them...hope to see a future behaviour comparison when it was launched. Good luck anyway!

Shakeeb Ahmed

I think looking awesome is the right word.