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WordPress Alternatives: 8 Competitors Worth Checking Out in 2017

createandcode.com | Mar. 19, 2017 | 8 min read

It's always a good idea to keep tabs on what the rest of the world does for their content publishing needs. We take a look at the top WordPress competitors and their strengths and weaknesses.

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Chris Turner

WordPress and these other alternatives are good choices as website building platforms. But...

Neither WordPress nor any of these other alternatives "as is" will build an online business which you get if you know how to do SEO and build traffic. They are all are missing a do-able start-to-finish BUSINESS process.

Surely, you can slog through the mountains of business building advice and tools that are out there. But for most WordPress users and those using these alternatives it all ends up being too much.

So, despite the dazzling display of Wordpress/WordPress alternatives features (even SEO gadgets), the reality for most (non-tech) people who want to create a web business with Wordpress or its alternatives is that they need to adhere to an easy-to-follow, all-in-one, proven, ethical webbusiness-building system (not a get rich quick scheme), tailored to say the WordPress platform, to get (1) a significant amount of traffic and get (2) targeted traffic (example of such a system: WealthPrinciples dot net).

Otherwise... you'll end up having (and building) only a WordPress/Name of WordPress Alternative webSITE (or BLOG) but not a webBUSINESS.