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17 things to check when you are buying WordPress Theme

arktheme.com | Jun. 8, 2017 | 23 min read

Useful checklist you should go through, when looking for a WP theme.

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Sallie Goetsch (rhymes with 'sketch')

Hmm. Interesting set of priorities. I don't think the theme itself has to have been on the market for any specific period of time if it comes from a reliable source and has to be reviewed before it's launched. And are you seriously suggesting that rather than using a starter theme, every developer should start over at the beginning when creating a new theme? I'm not that fond of CSS frameworks, myself, nor knowledgeable about JS frameworks, and I would argue against including either if the main reason is that it's trendy. But a well-built theme will have a way to hook and unhook frameworks if it needs to use a different one in the future, and I don't think the author of this post understands what a starter theme (which is not the same as a framework) actually is.

After all, you're talking about people who are building mass-market themes that are meant to be affordable. This is sort of like the houses in a housing development: they are based on a fairly small set of pre-existing floor plans and blueprints, and modestly customized, to make it efficient to build them and more affordable to buy them. Someone who wants a completely custom-designed and custom-built home has to pay a lot more. By suggesting that developers of mass-market themes not use frameworks or starter themes, you are also suggesting that they need to raise their prices exponentially--or to work for such a low rate that they will soon go out of business and not be able to support their themes.