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Inside WordPress.org Theme Review Team: Money, Abuse and Inconsistent Leadership

brinzan.com | Jul. 18, 2017 | 24 min read

Dumitru Brînzan shares his experience with releasing free WordPress themes on WordPress.org while dealing with theme name collisions and other issues.

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Nemanja Aleksic

Despite the mother of all clickbait titles, it's an interesting read.
(spoiler: there's no story of Fieldmashal Otto Von Themeburg cackling like a maniac while lighting a cigarillo with $100 bills, it's more a story of disorganization and inconsistency within the Theme Review team)


I wouldn't say he's that far off the mark, really. :)

Ahmad Awais

This whole situation makes me sad :(

Lenin Zapata

Send a theme and they checked it out in 9 months, it's really frustrating

Dumitru Brînzan

Indeed, there was a large backlog about a year ago, waiting times reached 7-8 months.
Some steps were taken to reduce it, now it is down to 6-8 weeks for the first review.

pol taj

While I agree that it'd be better to avoid taking inconsistent decision on similar matters, I also wonder if the author would have wrote the same article, should the Rosemary theme had made it live with that name...