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6 Reasons Hackers Are After Your WordPress Website

didgit.com | Mar. 2, 2018 | 7 min read

WordPress sites are popular targets for hackers and script-kiddies. Here are some of the reasons a hacker wants to compromise a WP site.

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John Locke

I'll add two more here that I've heard people talk about happening to them. Both of these would be things that the attacker would NOT want you to notice.

1) Cryptocurrency mining. It could either be a process running in the background of a single site, or could be part of a larger botnet. Very bad, because it chews up your server resources and bogs down your site performance.

2) Resource attacks on an e-commerce site during peak shopping season (this is similar to #3 in your article). This one is something that most people wouldn't think to look for, and operate similar to a DDoS, without actually taking down your site. Apparently, some nefarious e-commerce sites do this to their competitors, in order to bog down the site and decrease the chance of conversions. Think about the implications of this during an event like Black Friday or during the back to school shopping season. One of the only ways to reliably detect this is to examine the log files, looking for times when the site gets tapped out on resources that correlate with heavy shopping cycles.

Makis Mourelatos

Thanks a lot Joe. Attacks are involving by I believe they all fall under certain categories so maybe next time I will create an article not with specific examples of attacks but their categorization.