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Jan Thielemann and Selling WordPress Plugins

howibuilt.it | Mar. 20, 2019 | 1 min read

Jan Thielemann tells his story of traveling the world while selling Wordpress modules for the Divi theme through Freemius. The “freemium” business model completely changed the way he was able to live his life and earn money.

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Saad Khan

A very less written topic. It's not really easy to find a niche and sell your WordPress plugin in a hyper saturated market. When we were creating Breeze at Cloudways. We looked at a lot of cache plugins available and decided to not reinvent the wheel but do incremental innovation. We found out that complexity is the biggest issue in different top tier plugins and we made Breeze keeping in mind that anyone having a basic knowledge of WordPress can use it. Over 100000 downloads. More than 50000 active users now.