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How a link in our themes almost ruined our business (and how we fixed it)

wpzoom.com | May. 17, 2019 | 9 min read

Our website was missing from Google search results for almost 2 weeks, and in this blog post you can find all details about what caused this penalty and how we fixed it.

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Eric Karkovack

Another example of how Google aims to control the world.

Donna Cavalier

Well, to be fair, they should have known this. Footer links in themes have been a no-no for many many years. Since at least 2012. Remember when WPMU got hit by Penguin due to theme footer links? moz.com/blog/how-wpmuorg-recovered-from-the-penguin-update WPZoom should have known better.

Pavel Ciorici

Unfortunately, we're not SEO experts, so this is something that we missed.
It's only strange that almost everyone is doing the same thing, and not using "nofollow" in footer links, but only we've been penalized.

For example, even themes created by Automattic don't have the "nofollow" attribute in the footer links:

Eric Karkovack

IMO Google is just full of arbitrary opinions. They change whatever they want, whenever they want and we all have to obey. Just too much control over the fate of so many businesses.