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I thought up the new ManageWP tagline and all I got was this (awesome) t-shirt!

Jun. 5, 2014

TLDR; ManageWP has a new tagline (All Things WordPress) and it IS possible to win online competitions.

You may have noticed that ManageWP has a new tagline. Yep, up there on the top left, under the logo, there's a nice new little bit of text (image text, albeit) that reads: "All Things WordPress".

"Who could have come up with this brilliantly concise slogan?" you might be asking. Well the answer is none other than yours truly!

This all came about as part of the new tagline competition:

So ManageWP ended up with a new tagline, and I ended up with a new t-shirt:

. . . as did Charlie Livingston for his suggestion of "Community Driven WordPress News Portal", which is now the new site title and new-user intro.

Moral of the story: it is possible to win online competitions! (Check out this awesome poster I won earlier this year from Smashing Magazine and Startup Vitamins: i.imgur.com/oDL807g.jpg)

Big thanks to ManageWP and all of you in this awesome community! You make my morning coffee SOOOOO much better :)

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Tom Zsomborgi

Congrats to the t-shirt Mickey!

Mark Gavalda

I got up this morning thinking "Darn, who could have come up with this brilliantly concise slogan!?" and now I have the answer :) Thanks for posting the pic, Mickey, and congrats for winning the competition!!

Vladimir Prelovac

Thank you very much for the excellent slogan Mickey and for being such an active member of this community. Cheers

Charlie Livingston

Charlie Livingston...that's me! I also got an awesome t-shirt, all the way from the US of A (I live in a small country over the water called England). I'm somewhat camera shy, but I will be sure to wear it out and about!

MIckey: good job on the slogan.

Scarlet Hakune

Image of T-shirt, please.

Nemanja Aleksic

Glad to see you guys got the T-shirts - thanks for chipping in with your awesome suggestions.

Valerie Hudgins

And just when I thought ManageWP couldn't get any more awesome! So, show us your T-shirts!

Mickey Kay

It's linked above :)

Jonathan Griffin

I hear you can get a T-Shirt from writing a detailed review of ManageWP. Might have to do that now.