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Lasandra Bourque

Writer @ EssayAg


What Not to Include in a Sample Essay about Myself Writing a sample essay about myself can be quite difficult. Not only do you have to think of topics to write about, but you also have to think of a creative and interesting way to present yourself and your personality through the essay. The personal statement, or sample essay about myself, can spell the difference between whether or not you get into college, so it can be quite nerve-racking to put together an impressive essay for the admissions board. If you want to succeed in your sample essay about myself, then you should try to avoid making some of the following mistakes: Writing about politics Some students, especially those applying for courses related to politics, think that writing about politics can increase their chances of getting into college. The truth is, politics can be quite a touchy topic and, even if you know the political leanings of the school you are applying to, it is advisable to stay away from such topics. Besides, talking about politics doesn’t say much about your personality; it just reveals your opinions on politics.

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    I write for EssayAg and as a guest blogger on different platforms

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    Copywriting, writing, proofreading

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