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Chartered Accountant @ CAV ADVISORY SERVICES PVT. LTD.


I am associate member of Institute of Chartered Accounts of India, qualified in the year 2017. Joined the firm as a full time partner in the year 2017 and is in charge of branch office at Baddi and Chandigarh.

  • Where I write

    CAV Advisory Services Private Limited is a company registered in India by a group of professionals having vast experience in various streams. The conceptualization of the idea was conceived few years back where few inquiries from clients could not be resolved due to inadequacy of specialization. Looking at the same

    the company came up with a new concept to deliver the services to the clients on single platform by experienced professionals in respective streams.

    The activity of the company is advisory in nature wherein Collective efforts of esteemed associates who believe in Outstanding quality and New ideas for rendering the services to the clients on Common platform with Extraordinary skill from Professionally qualified persons to perform in settled time framework.

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  • Skills

    One stop window for business advisory services like Management
    Consultancy, ISO Certifications and Compliances, Licensing, Compliances and Liasioning, FEMA and RBI Compliances, IPO for Companies and SEBI Compliances, Risk management and Insurance

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