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2 min read Joe Casabona
Tutorials | crowdcast.io | Mar. 31, 2020

How to Give a Good Online Talk

The need for giving a good online talk is greater than it's ever been. But how do you do it? Does it require video editing skills? Professional gear? How do you talk to the camera? Learn how in this FREE webinar.

How to Give a Good Online Talk

Tutorials | crowdcast.io | Mar. 31, 2020

Give a Rock Solid Online Talk So you have a great talk that you've given, or planned to give, at a conference. Then it got cancelled. Now. you have have a choice: scrap it, or give it at a virtual event.
As more events go online (something that was trending upward before 2020), the importance of delivering a good online talk is important. But it can also be difficult.
Where do you look? How do you deliver with the energy you would to a live audience? How do you engage? These are all questions you'll get answers to in this free webinar.
What You'll Learn
Planning your virtual talk
Good gear (and lighting) for your talk
Where to look / managing your camera + slides
Framing your shot
Going pre-recorded
Doing it live
Engaging with the audience
Your call to action
About the Host
Joe Casabona is a college professor, author, course developer, and podcaster. Joe started freelancing in 2002, and has been a teacher at the college level for over 10 years. His passion in both areas drove him to create courses for The University of Scranton, LinkedIn Learning, and his own community of business owners. Today, he helps people tell their stories through podcasts and video.

1 min read Donna Cavalier
Community | crowdcast.io | Aug. 20, 2016

WordSesh 4 is live now

WordSesh 4 is live right now, so check it out for 24 hours.

WordSesh 4 is live now

Community | crowdcast.io | Aug. 20, 2016

A 24 Hour WordPress Binge Saturday, August 20, 2016, 00:00 – 24:00 UTC+0
WordSesh is 1 full day of live WordPress presentations from all over the world streamed live to you wherever you may be. Oh, and it’s entirely FREE!